7 Reverse Triangles: The Ten Sec Techs


Over the next little while I’ll be grouping some of my Instagram video techniques (#tensectechs) into blog posts.

My intent with these was to inspire creativity and hopefully spark a back and forth with other practitioners, and mainly…to be brief.  If it wasn’t something that someone was interested in fitting into their game, they didn’t have to sit through 2 minutes of me telling them who I was and why I started using the technique.

First up was the Reverse Triangle.  Love love love this attack.  Like a regular triangle, once you start to see it, it’s everywhere, and thats what I tried to show with these clips.

In the spirit of the thing, I’m not going to break these down.  If you don’t get it at first, just let it play a few times until it starts to make sense.   If you have any questions about them, don’t be afraid to ask.

First up, a reverse triangle set up from mount:


next, an RT off a back escape:


half guard pass to RT


RT off bottom half guard kimura


Rt off armbar stack attempt


RT against turtle


and lastly from this theme, shin to shin to crab ride to RT


Hope you enjoyed those, there are a lot more where that came from, and I’ll be posting some other theme collections in the future.  If you’re interested you can follow my Instagram account.

See you on the mats!





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