4 Inverting Back Escapes and Attack Transitions: Ten Sec Techs part 2


Part 2 of my Ten Sec Tech Instagram technique gathering blog posts.

This time around we’ll be focussing on a little doozy that my BJJ buddy and training partner, Curt Malin found working off of a turtle sweep.  So of course after discovery we tried to figure out how many things we could do with it.

The main focus in this theme is the inside inverting rolling back take once we’ve come up into reverse scarf hold.  The grips are super important!  It’s a fun little angle to play with, especially if you already like the rolling back take (which is EVERYWHERE once you start to recognize it)

So, up first, the first variation.  Coming out of the Grant Fuhr or Number 2 Turtle sweep, which my students will recognize from last weeks classes by Curtle himself, then followed by our focus movement,

Next up, trading a back attack for a back attack.  Also featuring my sweet beard that I miss dearly, and some crazy person celebratory sound effects.

Ok Maybe this grouping is more about my sweet beard.  Next up, beard and curly moustache.  Oh, and the escape transitioning right into mount.  This is similar to the way I prefer to finish the berimbolo.

Last one in the series (for now).  Curt demonstrates his hatred of legs everywhere.  Seriously.  This guy rarely crosses north of my belt when we roll

Hope you enjoyed round 2!

As always you can find more here at my Instagram feed.

And If you missed it you can check out part one, 7 reverse triangles too!

More to come soon!



4 thoughts on “4 Inverting Back Escapes and Attack Transitions: Ten Sec Techs part 2

  1. I love your posts, please make infinity more of them. Hope to meet you on the mat someday. How you don’t mind if I link to these from my tiny Twitter.

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