Ages 4-7 yrs

At Method BJJ, our class for kids ages 4-7 operates on a simple, effective spiral approach designed to help students learn the basic fundamental movements of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; beginning to teach them to defend themselves both on their feet and on the ground.

Every class starts with quadrupedal movements, “animal walks” in which the students are taught to move across the floor in different, challenging ways.  The animal walks are incredible for increasing coordination, balance, muscular endurance, memory, improving focus and concentration, and increasing strength and flexibility/mobility throughout the body.

After this mobilizing warm-up, the students are taught and given time to practice the techniques that make up Professor Andrew’s structured curriculum, designed especially for this age group.

At the end of every class, students participate in a game that introduces them to using their new skills in a “live” (but controlled) environment, which is one of the most important elements of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practice.