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Coming from a different school, I am so proud Method BJJ is now my place I call home. Besides the super helpful and friendly training partners, the instruction is truly something special. Professor Andrew brings his vast martial arts and movement aptitude, sense of humour, and attention to detail every day to the mats. It is encouraging to be part of such a great environment. Highly recommend!



I would highly recommend Method Jiu-Jitsu! Professor Andrew is focused, supportive and patient in his teaching and has developed a club with considerable respect for all practitioners. Attending the adult training, and being new to Jiu-Jitsu, I find myself eager to get back to the mats. Recently I have also enrolled my children in the kids class and am thoroughly impressed with his teaching style and his clear and unwavering expectation of their potential. Great stuff!



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I don’t usually shoot Bjj techs longer than  my #tensectechs for my Instagram but this was a cool opportunity. Might lead to more of these types of vids from me.. So here’s some rdlr/shin fun with a choke from the single under pass that magically appears from the Because Jitsu weekly game hack

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