Curriculum Videos


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Hiya, folks!

One of the most important things to me as a teacher is always seeking new opportunities to facilitate the integration of Method’s curriculum into students games

Something new that I’ve been working on is taping all of the curriculum and posting them on the Method BJJ Facebook page (hit that like button so you can get the video updates as as they’re posted!) as they’re taught so students have a back end resource to look at in between their classes, to allow them to be better prepared to move on with the curriculum as the month progresses, and to look back to pick up details that may have been missed.

And now I’m hoping to make those videos a little more available for students to find.  So in addition to the facebook page, I’ve created a YouTube channel and I’ll be posting the techniques here on the Method BJJ webpage as well, under the technique tab (there’s a whole bunch of short tech videos there already that I posted on my personal instagram page under the #tensectechs hashtag. (you’ll find about 50 short technique vids if you click on that hashtag).

I hope all of this can help you on your Jiu Jitsu journey! See you on the mats!



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