Open (with great care and responsibility) for business!

The doors to Method BJJ are open to the public again!

After 6 weeks of testing and practicing our new safety protocols with a small group of returning members, I’m ready to expand our classes again.

I’m feeling really good about what I’ve got in place, including;

-safely distanced changing areas

-separate entrances and exits for different classes

-small committed cohort groups within the class (under 8 people, same group for the entire month)

-separate designated mat spaces for each cohort group

-frequent bathroom cleaning (each member disinfects any surface after touching)

-mask use before reaching your assigned mats

-infra-red temperature checks before being allowed on the mats.

-asking for continual personal responsibility from students, including testing after possible exposure or presence or suspicion of symptoms.

-and of course, a never ending loop of hand sanitization.

I’m running all of my classes, which includes Mixed Adult, Women’s, Nogi, Kids 8-14. The only one I’m holding off on is the class for  4 – 7 year-olds. How I prefer to teach that age range involves close contact with every student, and I can’t do that comfortably and safely while still maintaining the quality of teaching that I try to maintain at Method!

So if you’re interested in giving BJJ a try, or getting back to it after this shut down, please hit that contact button on the top right of this page. I’d love to help you find a safe and responsible way to scratch your itch for: a new and wildly dynamic sport, a huge increase in your physical strength and stamina, exercise that has you solving fast-moving kinetic problems rather than counting reps, and the chance to develop iron-clad physical and mental resilience by learning the most practical and applicable self-defence training possible.

I love this art and I can’t wait to share it with you. Hope to see you soon!




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