Method re-opening plans

Hi Method family!


Just a quick message to let you know where we’re at in terms of being ready to re-open and get back on the mats!

We don’t have an opening date decided on as yet.  I’m taking my time to make sure that I don’t rush us back on to the mats without a proper plan in place to keep us and our families safe.

I’ve had conversations with an Occupational Health and Safety expert, and an Infectious Diseases doctor, to help guide me in figuring out the safest and most realistic plan to help get us back on the mats with our chief priority being the health and safety of our members, and those that we’re in close contact with.  And while of course it’s impossible to completely eliminate the risk, we will be putting measures and protocols in place to make sure that we are minimizing the risk to the greatest extent that we’re able while still allowing us to get back to our sport.

This is a crazy and unprecedented time, and I refuse to allow economic pressure to force me to make a rush decision and get caught up in enthusiasm and passion and put us back on the mats in an unsafe way.

More news and updates to follow as they come.

Hoping to see you soon!



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